Diagnostic Operations Audit

It is always a good thing to know how your business is truly operating and how it looks to your customers, vendors, investors, and legally. 

This is where the audit (not a scary word) comes in. 

I work with you using a hybrid process of onsite visits and online communications. 

I minimize impact to business, maximizes Kinsei’s ability to assess and evaluate, and builds a solid foundation of communication, trust, and results. 

So I take a look at how your business operations as a whole. I also dive deep into the trenches and look at areas such as: 

  • Business Foundation (how you started)
  • Operations (how you do your business)
  • Strategic Planning (where you're heading)
  • Human Resources (employee and contractors)
  • Marketing (DIY until you need the expert)
  • Sales (how are you generating business)
  • Finances (look at your numbers. You should always know your numbers)
  • Management (What does oversight and managing your business look like)
  • Corporate Compliance (How your business looks to all governing agencies)

I work with the you through the initial evaluation and operational audit and provide a Solutions Action Plan that I also help initiate and support through the project life cycle. 

Need P.I.E.? Process Improvement Events

These are so fun and impactful! You will be amazed at the results achieved. 

So sometimes we know what the issues are but we need to carve out the time and grab the decision makers to make it happen. 

This is an awesome process that gets us together to create and implement the solution that we know is going to solve the problem already known. 

Within a few days we work the solution and test it live and in practice. Make adjustments and refine the process. 

These events will typically run approximately 2-4 days depending on your specific situation. 

One-On-One Advisory

I love to sit with amazing entrepreneurs and work on a coaching advisory role.

This provides personalized development action plans, accountability, structure, and a confidential sounding board to tap into and maximize you as an individual and a valued component within the business. 

Training & Development

If you would love to provide training to your staff but find yourself cringing at the process of scheduling and providing these trainings, we have a perfect solution for you and your business. 

Training needs vary from business to business and industry to industry. You can shop around and purchase an ‘off the shelf’ training or you can have our team create a customized training and development curriculum for specific issues within your business.  

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