Building, strengthening, and growing your business. 


Hi! My name is Diana and Kinsei Consulting is my business. No, wait, it is my passion. 

I'm not sure why you were searching for consulting services for your business but I can tell you that you found your solution! 

If I can be real for a moment, we know that starting and running a business is scary as hell. We are surrounded with a world of things we don't know and no true road map. How the hell do you put all the pieces together and start, strengthen, and grow your business? 

I'm your person! 

What do I do? I can tell you what I am NOT. 


I am not a Certified Public Accountant or Bookkeeper, I am not a business or tax attorney, and I am not a marketing or sales consultant. 

I just happen to be excellent on working on everything else in between for you so that you can do your business the best and most efficient way you are able to! 

Business Consultant. Business Advisor. Start Business.
Business Consultant. Business Advisor. Start Business.

What is the problem?

Business Consulting. Start up business. Business Plan. Business Coaching. Strategy. Compliance. Operations.

What problem am I solving?

This is THE most interesting question that I get asked all the time. 

So I want to keep it real... 

I help you get your business to perform the most efficient way possible allowing you to provide quality service to your customers and clients. Doesn't matter if you are starting or have been in business for a while...I got ya. 

My favorite way to explain what I do is that I help you work your superpowers so that your business is strong and operating healthy so you can kick ass! 

You don't know what you don't know and cannot do it all and keep up quality and your sanity!  

This is where I come in to work with you. 

Check out the HOW IT WORKS link above to find out how this magic is done for you...

Don't want to wait? 

You want to chat? 

Do me a solid and click that awesome green button below and leave me your info. (You know you so want to...)

I have been waiting to talk to you. 

You know you want to chat...

So what the heck is a Kinsei?

Let's start on how it's pronoucned and that is Kin Say. 

So what does it mean? Kinsei 均斉 is a Japanese word meaning humbly made, symmetry, and balance. Cool right? Sounds so zen like. 

Balance is a personal philosophy that I subscribe to personally and professionally. 

Consulting and coaching is practicing the art of balance and symmetry so that I help you succeed in working on their business and not in their business. 



Inside peek...

One of the areas I love is to work with you to create and maintain a clear, concise, and documented operational processes, business and strategic plans by working with you to identify  areas of risks, inefficiencies, wastes, compliance, and employees. 

Don't have time for all that? 

That is why you hire me! 

I start off with a conversation with you to get to know you and your awesome business. 


I go to work and complete a diagnostic  comprehensive operational audit to help identify gaps and opportunities, an audit report including solutions action plan with recommendations, resources and deliverables, cost analysis, and a schedule. 

Eyes crossed yet? Anxiety rising? 

Don't worry, I have you covered. I get in the trenches for you while you continue to do what you do best for your customers. 


Why Me?

Hey it's an honest question really.  

And I appreciate you pulling no punches and asking the tough questions. 

I am so incredibly passionate about what I do and being the professional problem solver with you.

My personal mission is to help your business succeed by building genuine relationships, collaborative partnerships, and getting results. Period. 

Business is not perfect. It gets messy. Good thing I like to do so also! 

Time to take action!

You have read through the home page and I so appreciate you doing so. I hope it gives you some insight into how I know that I can help you. 

Check out the other pages but before you do let's at least schedule a FREE strategy and wisdom bomb session. 

Seriously you will walk away with some quality free info you can implement after you hang up with me. 

Leave your info below and I promise I will get to you right away. 

I cannot wait to talk to you more. 

I am ready and excited to hear from you!

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