Hear it from them...

J. Farley

“Diana is a phenomenal coach and consultant! She keeps me so on task and moving forward in the right direction. It's so easy as a business owner to become distracted by the million things that come up during the day. Working with Diana means I have someone to assist in guiding me in the direction that has the most value while not neglecting any aspect of my business. She checks in regularly (if I'm not reaching out) and has suggestions that are practical and helped grow my business faster and more easily. Diana helped in how I work with others and where it's best to put my energy and time. It was amazing to have someone who understood the business and where I was coming from. The guidance was extremely helpful in my productivity. It was astounding how much more I was getting done with less effort and stress. I would highly recommend working with Diana - she delivers exactly what she says she will"


"The woman is a master at the details! You will plan and you will achieve! She is there every step of the way. If you put in the effort and follow the plan, you will see the results. If you start to slip, or if you’re confused; she’s got you. She can help adapt the plan, roll with the punches, and still reach that goal. Be honest. If you want it, she will help you get it. You put out the goals, she’s got the plan. She is tireless and brilliant at researching. If she doesn’t already know what to do, she’ll find a tool or research and make one! If you put the effort into following the outline, there is nothing that can stop you.”

Carmellia W

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work in a professional environment with Diana Jones for a little over 15 years.  During that time she had demonstrated outstanding skills in public speaking, leadership and the ability to motive people to change.  In her role as a Trainer, and a Training Officer with the State of Nevada; she was able to connect with all walks of life.  I can only imagine how she will continue to inspire people to improve their lives.”

Barbara S

“Diana was instrumental in teaching the Nevada Dept. of Transportation Leadership Academy.  Diana’s skills in customizing the material to our employees’ needs and choosing relevant examples made the material memorable and easy to apply to real-world situations.  Diana was great at connecting with her audience!”